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  1. Me and my Merida hair.

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    Quick 50 Writing Tools - Roy Peter Clark 

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    Counting down Scotland to six weeks now. Hope my photographs are anything close to this beautiful. Finally shipped my friend in Montana back her pro camera and after much deliberation over the Iceland outtakes, I have decided to jump into the deep end and buy my own pro pack for travel photography. Thinking a Mark III. I can’t just up and skip off to Scotland without one, now can I? No. The home in the first image is basically my dream home. I might not come back to the States. I might leave my life for that of a Scottish rancher instead.


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  4. Аbandoned houses

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  5. Things you should know about each of your characters


    These are what I would consider to be the most basic, bare-bones questions of character creation.

    • What would completely break your character?
    • What was the best thing in your character’s life?
    • What was the worst thing in your character’s life?
    • What seemingly insignificant memories stuck with…

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    "I have often said that Hermione is a bit like me when I was younger. I think I was seen by other people as a right little know-it-all, but I hope that it is clear that underneath Hermione’s swottiness there is a lot of insecurity and a great fear of failure".
    J.K. Rowling

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    dear everyone who says he’s a good person

    he also punched goofy too, what an imbecile.

    Canada can take him back anytime now

    He can go back into his mother’s womb anytime now

    He can burn alive in a fire anytime now

    Seriously beliebers need to stop beliebing in Justin Bieber… And start believing in some person who actually cares.

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    I still think this is Matt. I have no idea why.


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    Neil Gaiman’s 8 Rules of Writing, a remake of this post. Source.

    Want more writerly content? Make sure to follow for your daily dose of writer positivity, advice, and prompts!

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  10. Hey Lindsay! I get it!

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